Commercial system breakdowns are a hassle that you will want dealt with quickly and reliably. Look no further than Scotia HVAC’s team of well-trained technicians to service and repair your systems in a timely manner.

Maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment is our specialty. Scotia HVAC’s team of skilled technicians can maintain and repair all makes and models of HVAC and related equipment, as we continuously train our staff on new and changing industry technologies. We will customize maintenance contracts to suit each buildings equipment requirements for well maintained operation.

We understands just how valuable time is to both your business and your customers. The regular system checks of our Preventive Maintenance Agreements aim to lower the chance of costly breakdowns, so that our commercial clients can continue to provide for their customers and limit downtime.


The Preventive Maintenance Program is a valuable service offering that can:

  • Lower heating & cooling bills

  • Minimize risk of major failure

  • Extend equipment life

  • Minimize emergency service calls


We design Custom Maintenance Solutions that revolve around your individual facility needs.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance agreements

  • Air Filter Services

  • Test and Inspection Services for HVAC


Air conditioning and heating maintenance is largely a matter of economics.  If you manage commercial buildings you know that there are two approaches to HVAC maintenance. One option is what we refer to as “break and fix”. The other approach is “scheduled preventive maintenance” with repairs as needed.

While the scheduled approach is intuitively the way to go, there are other factors, not so readily apparent, that reinforce the validity and economy of this approach.

Deferred maintenance (break and fix) is costly in the following ways;

• Repairs are usually more costly because of a “cascading” effect in the system, where a small problem tends to cascade to other system components

• Poor reliability resulting in down time


• Premature equipment aging and the accelerated need to replace equipment

• We can further elaborate on these factors as follows:

• Dust and debris particles accumulate on heat transfer surfaces and air filters which reduces air flow and heat transfer capacity. This causes the machine to run longer at a lower efficiency rate.

• A loose or worn drive belt on the blower can cause the cooling coil to ice over and damage the compressor or over-heat the heat exchanger in winter.

A maintenance program is relatively low in cost and usually involves four visits per year to perform inspections and maintenance. A maintenance check list is developed and followed for each specific building and system.